ASIT biotech’s technology platform (ASIT+TM) enables it to develop immunotherapy products with both a high safety and efficacy profile and shorter dose escalation phase. It is based on the development, characterization, manufacturing, and quality control of innovative active pharmaceutical ingredients, consisting of highly purified fragments (peptides) of natural allergen.

ASIT+TM products are based on allergens with optimal size distribution and are obtained from natural sources. The ASIT+TM active principles consist of a very broad panel of epitopes, covering most of the allergens present in current immunotherapy products with a reduced risk of induction of systemic allergic reactions.

ASIT biotech’s products are truly novel, designed to avoid the limitations of existing immunotherapy products – providing patients with efficacy, safety and ease of use, and cost effectiveness for health care providers.

The ASIT+TM technology platform is protected by several families of patent.

ASIT+TM platform is uniquely positioned in the AIT market to offer innovative products

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